NecksGen Head and neck restraint
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NecksGen Head and neck restraint
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NecksGen Head and neck restraint
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The REV is a compact, lightweight restrainst system designed to be extremely effective at controlling the head and neck in crashes where the driver sees big negative g-forces. Using a proprietary single tension-neutralizing tether (TNT), the loads under  impact are distributed through four different load paths. This unique system  offers an equal distribution of forces under impact. This system also offers a full range of head motion and side and angular impact protection. All REV packages include the quick release helmet hardware, carry case, tool kit, decals, and a bonus Flexfit hat size L/XL

The small 2" & medium 2" works ONLY with 2" belts. The medium 3" & large 3" works with BOTH 2" and 3" belts.

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Style / Size
Rev Small 2"
Rev Medium 2" (Add $100.00)
Rev Medium 3" (Add $100.00)
Rev Large 3" (Add $100.00)
Rev 2 Lite Small 2" (Add $100.00)
Rev 2 Lite Medium 3" (Add $200.00)
Rev 2 Lite Large 3" (Add $200.00)
Rev 2 Carbon Medium 2" (Add $300.00)
Rev 2 Carbon Large 2" (Add $300.00)
Rev 2 Carbon Medium 3" (Add $300.00)
Rev 2 Carbon Large 3" (Add $300.00)
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Head & Neck Restraint
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